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Investing in property can be daunting - There is alot of information and knowledge required to make it a success. GarforthGray have got all the answer and will ensure you make a success from your investment.

When can I move in?

We provide a very proactive approach in moving tenants in. Depending on how prepared you are as a tenant can really speed the process up. If we have all the sufficient information you could view the property agree terms and move in within 5 working days.

How can I maximise my investment?

At GarforthGray, you get more than just a letting agent. We can provide you with fantastic advice, ensuring you are making your asset sweat. Contact one of our advisors and boost your earning potential.

What references do I need

You will need to provide the agent with sufficient details to obtain a Bank reference an Employers reference and possibly a Previous Landlord reference. Some Landlords may also require a guarantor to guarantee the rent and any damage caused during the tenancy if the reference are not strong enough. Please contact our lettings team for further advice. T.667788