This website is for information only.

We at GarforthGray Limited endeavour to make it as accurate and complete as possible, but it is only to be read as an indication of, and not as a definite and complete statement about, a property, its condition, conformity to any required planning, building or other consents, its ownership or other legal status.

GarforthGray Limited has not tested the services, appliances, fixtures and fittings or heating system which may be mentioned in the description of a property.

The accuracy of measurements, finishes, internal and external photographs and floor plans cannot be guaranteed, and you must bear in mind that whilst a property is on the market these details may well change. GarforthGray Limited does not provide advisory, consultancy or other professional services. We therefore make no representations about and give no warranties in relation to any of the properties shown on our website; and we are not authorised to do so by our clients. This is true also of our employees and those persons who are acting as our agents. In particular, we are not responsible for anything said about a property by any "third party" – for example, on an occupier-accompanied viewing. The particulars are not an offer and do not form part of any contract. You must rely on your Advocate, surveyor or other professional advisers, and consult them before entering into any legal commitment.