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We started with a plan in 2014.

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To make estate agency better.

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We knew we'd need a stand out brand.

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Where everything we do is creatively different.

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A customer experience that’s easy, faster and more elegant.

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Our processes continually made better.

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And near perfect property marketing.

A team who love property

Jonathan Garforth


He’s the workaholic wunderkind who leads by example. Upon arriving to the Isle of Man at 16, Jonny immediately displayed traits that would come to characterise his business: Tenacity, hard-work and passion. After a letter drop to all Manx estate agents, he found a route into the industry. He started from the bottom, working his way with a meteoric rise before forging his own path. As colleague John says “sloppiness and failure doesn’t cascade upwards, it cascades downwards. That’s thanks to Jonny’s exacting standards”. He’s even learning to switch off...a little.

“Estate agency was always something I wanted to do. From as young as I can remember. I didn’t even have family in the industry so I can’t explain it. I just love it and always have”

Melissa Garforth

For business leaders, it can be a lonely place at the helm. Which is why Melissa, wife of Jonny, and versatile jack of all trades in the office, is so paramount to the success of the company. Acting not only as receptionist, administrator and organiser extraordinaire, Melissa is the sounding board. She acts as Jonny’s confidant as well as bringing her own ideas and energy to the team. Her own effervescent positivity shines like a beacon.

“The success of this company is as important to me as it is to Jonathan. We’re in this together and we have big plans!”

Nick Hardacre

At home, he’s a quiet family man. At work, he’s the beginning of the chain. The listings agent. If you’re selling your house, Nick will most likely be the first face you see. Drawing upon his years of industry experience, he will value your property and ensure it’s listed and listed promptly. Nick has the wide-eyed enthusiasm of Baby Yoda and the people skills of a late night chat show host. You’re in safe hands with Nick.

“I love the thrill and the buzz of the job. To go through that front door for the first time and meet new people”

Chris Blackburn

Chris has a wealth of property experience to draw upon which he uses to great effect. He is a man who loves the connection you get with a client, and sees it as a genuine privilege to be working in the industry he loves.

“It’s the best job in the world. It’s a win-win situation. You sell a house, make money and you give someone a dream house. You’re the person that has facilitated that. I’ve made so many friends from selling houses”

Sandra Vaughan

Sandra has the experience and the know-how. She knows the property game better than the back of her hand and relishes the daily challenges. Revelling in the cut and thrust atmosphere of the Garforth office, there’s no doubt she loves coming to work every day. Negotiating sales is her forte’ and it’s that buzz that drives Sandra on. Her other loves are for her family, walking her greedy black lab Caz and watching the horses. Her tips for success are simple: Be nice, work hard and do right by the client.

“I love my job. It’s the buzz, the thrill of negotiating the sales. I know how stressful the process can be - for seller or buyer - but it’s about not breaking promises”

Louise Burgess

Louise thrives in the fast-paced environment of the Garforth office. She’s as busy as a beekeeper - which is fortunate really as she’s married to one! Her role is vast, varied and relentless. From dealing with general queries, to arranging valuations or ensuring the relevant agents are booked in for viewings, Louise is always on the go. She may be forever spinning plates but she’d have it no other way.

“For me, it’s all about looking after people. It’s not just a case of getting the sale. The aftercare is so important in everything we do”

Donna Dornan

With her bubbly personality and constant smile, Donna is another injection of positivity into the team. She has a background in interior design and property development which she draws upon in her role as Viewings Agent. The fascination with property is interspersed with a genuine love for people. Donna is a family-oriented person running round after the kids, her dogs and generally being on the go. The moment she stepped into the Garforth office, she knew it was the job for her.

“I love seeing the potential in properties and meeting the full spectrum of people. Everyone has a different tale to tell. It’s about understanding their story”.

John Bennetts

John is the thoughtful and contemplative sage of the office. He burrows down to the granular detail of property, analysing and interrogating data with razor-sharp precision. With a solid grounding in not only the world of property but accountancy and economics too, John has a holistic approach to the job. But he’s not only a technician. He knows that it’s the people that count. He calls himself “an uncomplicated person” but it’s John’s cerebral approach that sets him apart.

“The better and more in-depth relationship you have with your client, the better you do your job. Estate agency is 90% communication and 10% knowledge”