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We started with a plan in 2014.

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To make estate agency better.

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We knew we'd need a stand out brand.

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Where everything we do is creatively different.

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A customer experience that’s easy, faster and more elegant.

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Our processes continually made better.

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And near perfect property marketing.

A team who love property

Jonathan Garforth

Founder | MNAEA

<p>When Jonathan founded GarforthGray, he had a vision for an estate agency with a difference, one that excelled in using technology to make service levels better; banish the archaic notions of the stuffy, unapproachable agent, and instead, become the personable face of property.</p> <p>He’s a forward-thinker, a strategist who leads by example. There are no half-measures with Jonny - he demands the best from his team, ensuring they are all focused on the mission: to deliver exemplary customer service and to be proud of what they do every day.</p> <p><em>“Estate agency was always something I wanted to do. From as young as I can remember. I didn’t even have family in the industry so I can’t explain it. I just love it and always have”</em></p>

Chris Blackburn

Director | FNAEA

<p>Chris has a wealth of property experience to draw upon which he uses to great effect. He is a man who loves the connection you get with a client, and sees it as a genuine privilege to be working in the industry he loves.</p> <p><em>"It’s the best job in the world. It’s a win-win situation. You sell a house, make money and you give someone a dream house. You’re the person that has facilitated that. I’ve made so many friends from selling houses"</em></p>

Nick Hardacre

Estate Agent

<p>At home, he’s a quiet family man. At work, he’s the beginning of the chain - the listings agent. If you’re selling your house, Nick will most likely be the first face you see. Drawing upon his many years of industry experience, he will value your property and ensure it’s listed and listed promptly. With his can-do attitude, personable nature and commitment to hard work, Nick embodies everything we stand for.</p> <p><em>"I love the thrill and the buzz of the job. To go through that front door for the first time and meet new people, seeing their faces of excitement when they find their dream home"</em></p>

Charlie Priestley

Estate Agent

<p>Charlie worked for us back in 2018, before relocating back to the land of his birth - in God’s own country, Yorkshire. After some time working in the county’s premier estate agency, specialising in affluent areas, farms and large estates, he felt the calling of his adopted home. We’re delighted Charlie returned to the island, and to his role as Estate Agent. Now he has broadened his skillset, allowing him to play a prominent role in our luxury Signature Collection.</p> <p><em>"Every house has a different story to tell and relaying that story, while giving our clients the most exceptional customer experience,  is the best part of the job"</em></p>

William Ennett

Estate Agent | BSc (Hons), MNAEA

<p>As a buzzing whirlwind of positive energy, Will is tailor-made for the intense, ever-evolving demands of the property industry. He loves the cut and thrust of being a listings agent - being out and about, meeting new people, negotiating sales and seeing the whole process through from beginning to end. A grafter by nature, Will always mucks in. Often, quite literally, as he helps out during lambing season on the family farm. 

Cycling, swimming and clay pigeon shooting all keep Will out of trouble. However, he’s never happier than when building, refurbishing and generally destroying Landrovers.</p> <p><em>"There’s lots of support for everyone here, and plenty of experience. People who have seen it all before and help steer you on the right path. It’s a great place to work"</em></p>

Trudi Walsh

Estate Agent

<p>Our well-travelled Sales Associate, Trudy, understands the excitement of moving. Her eclectic background means she has spent years living all over the world, including Uruguay, India, South Africa and Texas. Thankfully, she’s come back to her beloved Isle of Man, to help you on your own journey.</p> <p>As passionate about her job as she is the IOM, when Trudy gets some time away from the busy Garforth office, she immerses herself straight back into the world of property. Property projects keep her busy, along with her poodle Max, and long walks exploring the island and its beautiful beaches.</p> <p><em>"I love being around people and I’m just fascinated by them and their stories. This job makes me a small part of their story, and I’m so grateful for that."</em></p>

Sandra Vaughan


<p>Sandra has the experience and the know-how. She knows the property game better than the back of her hand and relishes the daily challenges. Revelling in the high-energy atmosphere of the Garforth office, there’s no doubt she loves coming to work every day. Negotiating sales is her forte’ and it’s that buzz and commitment to exceptional customer service that drives Sandra on.</p> <p>Her other loves are for her family, walking her greedy black lab Caz and watching the horses. Her tips for success are simple: Be nice, work hard and do right by the client.</p> <p><em>"I love my job. It’s the buzz, the thrill of negotiating the sales. I know how stressful the process can be - for seller or buyer - but it’s about not breaking promises, being honest and maintaining transparency throughout"</em></p>

John Bennetts

Estate Agent

<p>John is the thoughtful and contemplative sage of the office. He burrows down to the granular detail of property, analysing and interrogating data with razor-sharp precision. With a solid grounding in not only the world of estate agency but also accountancy, business and economics too, John has a holistic approach to the job. But he’s not only a technician. He knows that it’s the people that count. To John, the role of the estate agent is simple: any property buys or sales depend upon good, honest communication. </p> <p><em>"The better and more in-depth relationship you have with your client, the better you do your job. Estate agency is 90% communication and 10% knowledge"</em></p>

Tony Brown

Media Manager

<p>Tony is our Media Manager who joined the GarforthGray team after finishing his degree in Visual Communication through Digital Media at UCM. He’s the sharp-dressed man of style who takes pride in showcasing your home in the best way possible. Overseeing photography, videography, virtual tours, floor plans and editing; Tony relies on his keen eye for detail and creative spirit to portray your property accurately.</p> <p><em>"For me, this is genuinely my actual dream job. To not only work in photography, but for such a forward-thinking, dynamic company that provides the best service going. I know I’ve lucked out"</em></p>

Kieran Brennan

Photographer / Videographer

<p>The newest arrival to GarforthGray is Kieran, our property photographer. With a background in media, Kieran has even worked on a TV show - ‘Toddler Club’ - as part of the animation team there. He’s a creative thinker who enjoys pushing himself out of his comfort zone. It’s this fearlessness and restless drive that will stand him in good stead. Having been childhood friends with Tony for many years, their working dynamic is already strongly established, resulting in only the highest calibre of photography.</p> <p><em>"Photography started as a hobby for me when studying for my creative media degree. It soon grew to become an obsession"</em></p>